coding company in the world(Hitachi Europe GmbH, Manufacturer of Hitachi Inkjet Printers(Coding systems).

Also we have taken another stride by opening some other outlets known as OK TECHNOLOGIES SARL CAMEROON, OK GLOBAL SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED and OK DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED

You are Welcome to OK Contractors Limited

OK CONTRACTORS LIMITED is a registered company in Nigeria with RC No. 495270. The Company is managed by a group of experienced young entrepreneurs which ambition is to play a prominent role in coding and marking services.

We secured a franchise of one of the best digital ink/solvent manufacturer in the world. The franchised was duly signed between us (OK Contractors Ltd) and coding & marking services(CMS) in France to enable OK Contractors to act as the official distributor of the full range of CMS inks in Nigeria and also secure the exclusive dealership of the number one
CMS Offers the widest possible range of 100% compatible consumables for use with willett printers, Image printers, Desktop, wide format and Digital printers, Large character and High Resolution printers, Videojet printers and Domino printers.Our products offer significant cost savings without any compromise in quality. See products >>

The Hitachi RX2 Series generates industrial small character with high speed printing, categorized as a non-contact marking system, prints variable product information directly on various substrates. It is reliable, precise, user friendly and eco friendly please read more >>

The UX Series is maintainability and environmental performance, have dramatically improved, A-human friendly and environmentally-friendly. see model>>

The PXR Series Ink Jet Printers. has a continuous ink Jet principles for industrial marking. Micro Characters, Pigmented Ink, High speed printing. Read more >>

UX Series
PXR Series
RX2 Series
Ink Consumables
Laser marker
Character Samples : High Speed Printing, Larger small size Characters, Micro Characters

ensure energy saving and eliminate harmful materials while new high-performance features to enhance everyday life.
The Electronic Items: These are for homes, offices and commercial purposes such as Television, Electronic sound system, DVD's, Refrigerators,
Data Projectors and AirPurifier

Ok Distribution Company Limited is a Sister company of OK Contractors Limited, Established in the year 2016, to distribute Hitachi Electronics/Home Appliances.These Products are durable, affordable and of high quality standard that comes with Waranty to meet and satisfy the needs of Customers. They comes with Ecotechnologies which
e.t.c. while The Home Appliances: are the equipments that help household, offices and business to function effectively such as Rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, microwave, Electronic kettles and washing machines, e.t.c.
This comes with Easy Functional Design and fine Adjustment Settings. Highly Concentrated detergent Solution penetrates deep into clothes to thoroughly remove dirt.
With Hitachi Big Drum 510 front loading washer, Clothes are lifted up to the top of the large 510mm diameter Drum and dropped down to provide a powerful beat washing effect.
This High-power motor is up to 2300W which creates high suction enabling cleaner and easier vacuuming.
This Advance technology is specialised for sleep support. advanced Scene Camera technology, smartly creates the best sleeping and daytime environment ever provided by an air conditioner.

This also comes with Easy Functional Design and fine Adjustment Settings.It is of large Capacity of 24kg and Water Saving. Fine Water Control and High Functionality.

The new, cutting edge technology of VIP, together with Hitachi’s other original features, provides world-leading energy performance to support everyday life.
  Ecotechnologies which ensure energy saving and eliminate harmful materials while new high-performance features enhance everyday life.
The world’s smallest inkjet printer packed
with colossal set of features that delivers
superior packaging printing performance
at an amazing low price. Please see detail>>
The world’s most compact mobile printer. It’s ultra portable, lightweight, and easy-to-operate! Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage. Read more.>>
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